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Educate Children

Bridging the Education Gap

The Human Development Fund seeks to bring quality education to underserved students by utilizing modern technology to improve access and enhance educational experiences. For just a little over $2 per day, supporters can change the lives of not only individual children and families but also entire communities through the power of education. The support provided covers various aspects, including tuition, school supplies, uniforms, transportation, support material (including technological tools), and a stipend for the family.

Creating Pathways to Success

Empowering Dreams through Higher Education

The HDF acknowledges the limited access to higher education and the threats it poses to sustainable futures. Recognizing the transformative power of education, the HDF is dedicated to empowering individuals with a human touch. By investing in the higher education of refugees, the HDF not only benefits the students but also strengthens national education systems and promotes positive change within host communities, educational institutions, and all students involved.

Scholarships for Aspiring Students

Fostering Inclusivity in Higher Education

The HDF scholarship support program serves as a lifeline for aspiring students, ensuring their dreams have a fighting chance. Scholarships cover tuition fees and provide essential pocket money, easing the financial burden. These scholarships are offered to students who have graduated from the Orphan Sponsorship program, offering them continued support on their path to success.

Pursuing Diverse Fields

Unlocking Opportunities for a Brighter Future

The HDF supports driven individuals from diverse backgrounds as they pursue degrees in various fields, including IT, Medicine, Engineering, Accounting, and more. By fostering inclusivity in higher education, the HDF aims to create a diverse and vibrant academic environment that nurtures social cohesion while enhancing academic infrastructure and resources for all.

Guided Support and Growth

Nurturing Resilience Throughout the Journey

Throughout their four-year degree programs, HDF scholars receive consistent support and guidance, fostering personal and academic growth. In some cases, the HDF goes the extra mile by covering initial admission costs and one year of tuition based on the unique circumstances of individual students.


The Human Development Fund (HDF) is committed to empowering individuals through education, bridging the education gap for underserved children and providing pathways to success through higher education opportunities. By supporting the HDF, individuals can be part of a global movement to bring positive change, not only to the lives of students but to entire communities and societies around the world. Together, we can create a brighter and more inclusive future for all.

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