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Emergency Appeal

🚨 Support Gaza Amidst a Humanitarian Crisis 🚨

The people of Gaza are in desperate need of your immediate assistance as airstrikes have tragically claimed innocent lives and inflicted countless injuries. In this critical moment, let’s unite to extend our heartfelt compassion and support to our Palestinian brothers and sisters. Your urgent help is essential to provide life-saving emergency aid, encompassing vital essentials such as food, clean water, medical care, and shelter.

Our Approach to Aid Delivery in Gaza

The Human Development Fund is deeply committed to directly aiding those who need it most in Gaza. We rely on our enduring, close-knit connections with local Palestinian partner organizations within Gaza itself. Each of these partners has successfully undergone our rigorous due diligence process and possesses extensive experience in delivering emergency assistance in the most challenging of conditions.

In our Current response for Palestine, we are providing emergency food, water, and medical relief, as well as leading projects focused on long-term rehabilitation efforts.

Progress Update

Relief Distributed in Gaza

Thank You for Your Generosity!

Alhamdulillah! Thanks to your unwavering support and our collective efforts, we have made a significant impact in Gaza. Together, we have provided essential aid to 100,000 families, offering them much-needed relief in these challenging times.

Our Achievements:

  • Feeding Families: We have successfully fed thousands, ensuring that no one goes to bed hungry.
  • Clean Water for All: Over 100,000 individuals now have access to clean, safe drinking water, a basic necessity
  • Winter Campaign Success: Our winterization efforts have been a resounding success. We’ve distributed 5,000 blankets and warm supplies to those in need, offering comfort during the cold months.

Alhumdulillah, by the will of Allah and with your support, significant strides have been made. As of Wednesday, 1/31/2024, HDF has been providing over 3000 meals daily to displaced families in North Gaza, Palestine 🇵🇸. These meals are distributed from our feeding shelter, located in a school, offering hope and sustenance to many.

In addition, on the Rafah border inside Gaza, HDF has established 100 shelter tents for internally displaced Palestinian families. This initiative marks a significant phase in our mission, transitioning from immediate relief to longer-term developmental projects.

Our efforts are not just about addressing the present but also about building a foundation for a more secure and dignified future for our Palestinian brothers and sisters.

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The Answers to All Your Questions

Why does the Human Development Fund raise funds even in situations where aid delivery on the ground is challenging?

HDFund meticulously assessed the ground situation to determine the feasibility of delivering aid and relief in Gaza. After thorough reviews and an exhaustive due diligence process, we identified a local partner who is actively delivering urgent relief to the people in Gaza.

Who does the Human Development Fund collaborate with locally?

The Human Development Fund collaborates with reputable local organizations that hold UN registration, enabling them to secure essential supplies and services. These partner organizations undergo a comprehensive screening process to ensure compliance with both U.S. government requirements and the programmatic and reporting standards of the Human Development Fund. They also conduct real-time needs assessments to identify individuals or communities in dire need of assistance.

What is the plan for delivering aid to Gaza if the blockade remains in effect?

Our partner NGOs in Gaza, registered with the UN and other relevant agencies, have access to central warehouses stocked with relief items. These warehouses serve as hubs for the distribution of essential supplies throughout Gaza. When the blockade of humanitarian aid is eventually lifted, we will collaborate with our partners to replenish these warehouses and continue the distribution of much-needed relief items. Furthermore, whenever safety allows, we request photographic and video evidence of aid distribution to ensure transparency and accountability.


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