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92 Bowery St., NY 10013


+1 800 123 456 789

Our Vision and Mission

Our Mission:

To create a transformative world for people of all backgrounds, religions and ethnicities.
We foresee an end to the cycle of poverty. We hope you will dream with us on this journey of elevating the most vulnerable people around the world.

Our Vision: 

Our mission is to do humanitarian work DIFFERENTLY. Human Development Fund exists to aid, assist and develop fellow human beings living in the most vulnerable conditions to become self-sustaining and to live outside of the cycle of poverty.

We have committed ourselves to working day and night to uplift children, women, and men and provide them hope for a better future. We have committed ourselves to guaranteeing a smooth and transparent process for you, our dream-makers.

Our Guiding Principles: 


  • Care: To lead with care while providing it for our beneficiaries. 
  • Respect: Everyone.
  • Excellence: To operate with a high standard of work.
  • Accountability: To our Creator first and foremost.
  • Transparency: With our supporters, beneficiaries and our staff.
  • Empowering: A model organization that will elevate all those that interact with it to the next level.

Our Promise:

The Human Development Fund (HDF) is committed to take your generous contributions and make the most effective use of it.

  • We promise to be transparent.
  • We promise to report back in an efficient manner.
  • We promise to reach out to you for feedback.
  • We promise to take specially good care of your Zakat contributions and work with you closely to disburse it. 
  • We promise to be on call for you, our generous supporter, whenever you have questions or concerns.

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