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Human Development Fund (HDF) Zakat Policy

At HDF, all zakat donations received are strictly earmarked for zakat-eligible programs. When donors designate their zakat donations to specific programs, we honor their intentions unless external circumstances make it impossible. If a zakat donation is not specified for a particular program, we allocate the funds to zakat-eligible projects in alignment with the eight categories outlined in the Quran (9:60): 

  • the poor, 
  • the chronically needy, 
  • administrators of zakat funds, 
  • those inclining towards good, 
  • freeing of slaves, 
  • those in debt, 
  • in the way of God, 
  • and travelers.

To maintain transparency and minimize overhead, HDF aims to maintain a 0% overhead related to all zakat donations, and we strive to ensure that our overhead never exceeds 12.5% of incoming zakat contributions. This allows us to direct the majority of funds towards those in need. If you support our low-overhead Zakat policy, you can further assist us by making a donation allocated to “Where Most Needed” to help cover operational expenses.

As a believer in localization of aid, HDF collaborates with on-the-ground partners within the countries where we operate. While these partners may incur expenses to facilitate logistics and distribution, we factor these costs into our overall overhead cap of 12.5% to ensure transparency and efficiency.

Human Development Fund is committed to disbursing zakat funds as rapidly as possible, aiming for distribution within one calendar year of collection. We prioritize honoring donor intentions and adhere to the principles of Zakat, while remaining flexible to adapt to shifting realities on the ground. In exceptional circumstances, longer holding periods for funds may be necessary due to factors beyond our control.


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